7 Unorthodox Ways To Get Rid Of Your Car

7 Unorthodox Ways To Get Rid Of Your Car

Whether your car has grown old and rusty or you are looking to upgrade to a shinier, faster model, you need to give it a massive send off. Recycling is by far the most environmentally friendly and cost effective option, but we have listed the 7 craziest ways to get rid of your car. Take a look at our selection – and remember, don't try this at home!

1. Crush It

This is no conventional way to crush your car, but using a bin lorry to destroy your vehicle has proven itself to be both effective and entertaining!

2. Play Darts

Bored of pub games? These cars make for slightly heavier versions of darts but when they hit the bullseye it's much more rewarding!

3. Shred It

Using an industrial shredder definitely ensures that your car will be left in tiny pieces. There would be no getting your vehicle back if you changed your mind afterwards!

4. Blow It Up

This team use thermite to cut right through the car creating a fireworks display more exciting than those seen on November 5th! Now that is what we call a send off!

5. Drive It Into A Lake

Leave your car unattended in the middle of an icy lake and you are sure to get rid of it very quickly. It surprises us how shocked he seems that the ice has cracked – if it's not safe to walk on it's not going to be safe to drive on!

6. Beat It Up

Car vs. The Claw – This car with only 8 miles on it gets a beating from this scrapyard crane and doesn't stand a chance. This looks like quite a therapeutic way to get rid of your car, so if you have any bottled up anger....

7. Sink It

This is taking sledging to the next level! If you want to find a way to actively scrap your car this looks like a very cold and exhilarating way to do so! 
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