Scrapping Your Car - What You Need To Look Out For 

01 Feb

Once upon a time if you wanted to scrap your vehicle you'd have to drive around your local breaker's yards leading to a considerable amount of time had you wanted to shop around first.  Fortunately, nowadays all you need to do is search online to find a company like us who can provide a hassle free service with a great price. However when you're looking for a trustworthy scrap car dealer what should you be looking to avoid? Here we break down the Do's and Don'ts of scrapping your vehicle.

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7 Unorthodox Ways To Get Rid Of Your Car 

02 Jan

Whether your car has grown old and rusty or you are looking to upgrade to a shinier, faster model, you need to give it a massive send off. Recycling  is by far the most environmentally friendly and cost effective option, but we have listed the 7 craziest ways to get rid of your car. Take a look at our selection – and remember, don't try this at home!

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Top 10 Sat Nav Disasters 

17 Aug

Sat navs are brilliant for directing us to places we have never been before, but they are far from perfect. Using a sat nav doesn't mean you can just sit back and enjoy the ride, as they can sometimes lead you astray. Take a look at our list of the worst sat nav disasters ever!

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Which Wacky Racer Are You? 

17 May

Will you be terrorising the track in Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine or charm the competition as Penelope Pitstop in her Compact Pussycat? Find out in the Which Wacky Racer Are You Quiz!

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Launching Our USA Site 

17 Feb

Having started Sell the Car in 2009, with a goal of providing motorists all over the UK with a way to sell their unwanted cars for the best price possible, we are proud to look back at the progress we have achieved. Giving car owners an opportunity to either scrap or recycle their cars for prices not offered elsewhere, we have gained a reputation for both customer service and reliability. Several years later, we became one of the biggest scrap car buyers and still pride ourselves in giving fantastic value and great customer experience.

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