Enter the Registration to Start Selling Your Fire or Flood Damaged Car

Should I Sell My Damaged Car?

Sometimes the costs involved in making your car road-worthy after it has been involved in a collision far exceeds the value of the vehicle itself. When this happens don't waste your money on costly repairs, instead sell your car to us and use the money from the sale towards purchasing a brand new, fully working vehicle that will last.

When you are wondering 'where can I sell my damaged car', look no further than our friendly and helpful team. We promise to make the whole process as simple as possible - even if there is damage beyond repair; we will still take it off your hands. We promise to always offer a fair price, along with a pressure free, no obligation quotation.


Why Choose To Sell Your Damaged Car To Us

When asking yourself why you should sell your damaged car to us, the reasons for choosing us are numerous, including:

  • We provide a simple questionnaire that is quick and easy to fill out.

  • We will contact you after your questionnaire is complete to offer a price for your vehicle and giving you time to think it through – with absolutely no pressure from us.

  • We will travel to you at a convenient time to collect the vehicle for free on your behalf.

  • We promise to transfer the money to your bank account before we take the car from you.

These are reasons enough to utilise our professional service, not to mention the fact that we recycle or reuse as many parts as possible from your vehicle; promising to work in an environmentally friendly manner every chance we get.

For more information about our simple process, call us today on 03452 222 333 or begin the journey to buying a better car by entering your registration number in the box to the right. Getting a fair price for your damaged vehicle is easier than ever when you choose Sell The Car.


Sell Damaged Cars in Any Condition:

  • Accident damaged

  • Engine failures

  • Non running vehicles

  • Turbo problems

  • Flood damaged

  • CAT C or CAT D damage

  • DPF faults

  • We also buys damaged vans and bikes

As long as we can repair your car and it is not a complete write-off, ready for the scrap yard; Sell The Car Ltd is your best option. Fill in the registration form above now to begin selling your car today.