Sell Accident Damaged Cars

Accident Damaged Cars

Got a damaged car losing value and gathering dust on your driveway? If your garage repair bills start stacking up and the car becomes more of a hassle than it is actually worth, then, it might be time to sell your accident damaged car. 
One thing we know is that selling accident damaged cars is not very easy. For most people, purchasing damaged cars is too risky.  
We established Sell The Car to offer a quick, reliable, and simple solution for anyone in the UK who wants to sell accident damaged car..

How to Sell Accident Damaged Car to Us

Step 1: Enter the car’s registration number. Let us know whether the car starts or not and your contact details. 
Step 2: We will either offer you a competitive price immediately or call for more details. 
Step 3: If you are satisfied, we will make the payment and arrange the car to be collected from anywhere in the UK.

Why Sell Accident Damaged Car with Us 

Our goal is to be the best accident damaged car buyers in the UK. To achieve this, we make the process of selling accident damaged cars as easy as possible. Some of the benefits you will enjoy when you choose to sell your car to us include:

  • Filling out our questionnaire is both quick and easy.
  • We don’t pressure our clients. After filling the questionnaire, we will get back to you with a price offer. We will then give you time to think through the price.
  • If you like our offer we will pay you within 10 minutes of accepting it!
  • We will collect the accident damaged car on your behalf for free. We will schedule a collection time that works for you.


Car Salvage Categories

To understand the differences between damaged and broken cars, understanding the salvage categories is crucial. As of October 2017, the car salvage categories include:

  • Category A (Scrap) – Cars in this category are not suitable for repair. None of the car parts is allowed to be reused for salvage. The entire car has to be scrapped.
  • Category B (Break) – These cars are not suitable for repairs. However, their parts can be put to use elsewhere.
  • Category S (Structural) – This rating is for cars which have received structure frame or chassis damage. The owner/insurer of the cars in this rating choose not to repair them. However, these cars can be used for salvage.
  • Category N (Non-Structural) – These cars do not feature structural damage. This category is for repairable cars where the insurer/owner decides not to go ahead and repair the car. 


Get The Best Price for Your Accident Damaged Car

Do not allow your accident damaged car to sit on your driveway. We are willing to offer you what you deserve for the car. We will come to get the car without charging you even a dime. 
All you have to do to sell accident damaged car is enter the car’s registration number and submit a quotation request. We will get back to you with a price or call for additional information.