Sell Non-Runner Cars

Non-Runner Cars

It is not uncommon for cars to turn into non-runners. When this happens, the owners have 2 main options:

  • Fix the car
  • Sell the car

Fixing the car becomes an ideal option when the car’s value outweighs the repair costs. This, however, rarely happens with non running cars. For this reason, most people prefer to sell non-runner. The big question is, where can you sell non-running vehicles and insurance write offs?

Where to Sell Non-Runner and Written Off Cars

To get what you deserve for your non-running car, you should consider selling it to Sell The Car. Unlike other buyers in the UK, we purchase all types of cars, irrespective of their model or make.

After discussing the price and coming to an agreement, we will pay you before collecting the written off cars. You won’t have to worry about organising transport for the non-runner. We will collect your car free of charge, irrespective of where you are located in the UK.

Why Work with Sell The Car?

We have been working to create an ideal customer experience for people who want to sell non-runner quickly and easily. The benefits of working with us include:

  • We do not have any hidden fees
  • We pay you the amount of money we have agreed on – no chipping
  • You sell your car quickly
  • We offer competitive prices
  • Zero car collection fees
  • If there is any paperwork involved, we will sort it out

How to Sell Write Offs and Non-runners to Us

To sell a car to us, you will need to follow the basic steps below:

Step 1: Let us know the car’s registration number. Also, tell us if your car starts or not.

Step 2: If we do not need additional information, you will get a price offer.

Note: If Additional details are necessary, we will call you.

Step 3: After transferring all your money to your bank account, we will arrange the car collection.

Get Value from Your Non-Runner

Your non-running vehicle could be worth more than you think. You will only realise this if you work with the right car buyers. At Sell The Car, we ensure that all our customers get a competitive price for their cars.