Sell Write-Offs


The term “insurance write-offs” is used to refer to cars which have sustained so much damage such that allowing them to go back on the road would be unsafe. The term also refers to cars which might be driven but they are beyond economical repair.

Insurance Write Offs Categories

  • Category A – Cars in this category are scrap only. These cars are supposed to be crushed. They shouldn’t re-appear on the road in the future.
  • Category B – While some parts are salvageable, the car should never appear on the road. The salvaged parts can be used on other working cars.
  • Category S – These cars feature structural damage. Since structural damage is often cosmetic, these cars can be repaired. Before repairs, however, driving the car is not a good idea.
  • Category N – These cars do not feature structural damage. The cars could have electrical problems which may be uneconomical to repair.

What to Do with Written Off Cars

Driving your insurance write-offs is not an option. Also, allowing the car to occupy space on your garage or driveway is not a good idea.

The best option you have is to sell the car. At Sell The Car, we make it extremely easy for car owners to sell written off cars. Instead of forcing a price on you, we will discuss the car’s worth to come to an agreement.

Why Sell to Us

For years now, we have been purchasing insurance write offs from all over the UK. Some of the reasons most people prefer to sell to us include:

  • A simple selling process
  • Fair valuation
  • Free collection
  • Payment as soon as our offer is accepted

How to Sell Insurance Write-Offs to Us

Step 1: Let us know the car registration number by entering it on our website. Also, inform us whether it is possible to start the car or not.

Step 2: You will get an immediate price or you will be called for more details.

Step 3: We will pay you before collecting your car for free.